BA10 Car Insurance

BA10 Car Insurance

If you are convicted of driving while disqualified, you will receive a BA10 endorsement. Once your disqualification period ends, you may find it difficult to get cheap car insurance.

At Peart Performance Marque, we specialise in providing BA10 car insurance for those with a conviction. Furthermore, we have access to a large panel of specialist insurers.

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What is a BA10 Conviction?

A BA10 conviction is the penalty for driving while disqualified by the court. If you are caught, the endorsement is added to your license. Being caught while disqualified will result in arrest. Punishment varies, and a prison sentence may be considered. However, you may expect either community service or a curfew order, alongside a fine and extension of disqualification period.

If you are convicted, it will remain on your license for 4 years from the date. Additionally, you will receive 6 points on your license.

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How Can We Help?

During the 4 years of holding this endorsement, you may struggle to find a good rate. With a BA10 conviction, the process of getting a quote can be delayed. Furthermore, when you do receive a quote, it will be high.

Here at Peart Performance Marque, we treat you as a person. Therefore, we do not hold judgement over your circumstances. With access to a wide panel of insurance brokers, we will help you find the best policy at an affordable price.

When searching for car insurance, it is vital that you disclose any convictions you have. With a criminal conviction, you will be deemed as high risk. This means your premiums will increase significantly.

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