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Have a look below for some of the positive testimonials we have received over the years. For more details, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

George has been handling my car insurance requirements for a while now. They are quite complex, since they involve historic vehicles, some of which are quite difficult to insure. He has shown outstanding skill in sorting out my insurance needs, in many cases at extremely short notice. He is always a pleasure to work with and I can heartily recommend him

May 2021

A long standing customer with the company I have for many years Insured my vehicles with Peart Insurance/Performance Marque. Although I am an advocate of shopping around for Insurance quotes and indeed do so, I have always come back to the quote given by Peart. The service provided by the company has been second to none which I attribute mainly to the professionalism of the staff and office management.

November 2018

Thank you Allan – you’ve been awesome! Allan, can I first of all say thank you for the work your team did for me in placing my insurance with you. They were courteous and a pleasure to do business with and a credit to your company. I work in the same industry and know that people are often quick to complain but don’t compliment as often, so credit where it is due – thanks.

November 2018

The advisor who helped me with the policy and talked me through the terms and conditions, was top class. Lovely friendly manner.

November 2018

Thank you very much Laura & Allan – you guys have been super impressive from start to finish! Keep rocking!

November 2018

Thanks for all your help. You were so kind to me and you are sure in the right job!


Kat and her team are extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Peart to all my friends and family.

December 2018

I spoke to Allan with queries about my car insurance. He couldn’t have been more friendly or helpful and it has all been sorted to my satisfaction very promptly. I have used this broker for 24 years and would recommend them to anyone.

December 2018

I am extremely satisfied with the friendly service provided, but also delighted that the renewal price was cheaper than my existing premium! I have also referred my husband’s van insurance and again Allan was a dream to deal with and saved us yet more money. I would not hesitate to refer Kat and the team at Peart.

December 2018

Delighted with the friendly, informative service received. My renewal with Peart was considerably cheaper than the quote sent by my existing provider, and all options were explained clearly. Highly recommend.

February 2019