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With a long history of experience with classic and specialist cars, our team at Peart Performance Marque are experts in classic car insurance. We completely understand that your vehicle is your pride and joy and more than just a car. Each member of our team love cars and are all passionate about our own vehicles.

For more details about classic car insurance, do not hesitate to call our specialist classic car insurance team in Lancaster, Lancashire on 01524 938 470 or 0330 024 0167.

Why Use Specialist Cover?

For most people, a vintage or classic car is not just another vehicle. It is something to be proud of or a hobby that gives you something to take care of. This is why specialist cover is important as it is tailored to your vehicle, needs and requirements to protect against theft and damage.

Currently there is no fixed age group that classic cars fit into for insurance purposes in the UK. However, here at Peart we specialise in insuring anything that is rare or specialist. It is important that you check with each provider as they may have their own criteria as to what they deem a classic.

If you own a vintage or classic car and want more details about classic car insurance policies, please feel free to give us a call in Lancaster, Lancashire on 0330 024 0167.

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Main Benefits

At Peart we have access to a wide panel of insurers who specialise in classic car insurance. This means that we will always be able to find the perfect policy for your requirements. Some of our key benefits include*:

  • Up to 10% discount for membership of recognised owners club
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Free agreed value assessment
  • Salvage retention rights
  • Classic car collection polices for multiple cars
  • Optional wedding hire, rally and track day cover
  • European touring – journey and rally abroad with our inclusive cover

In the event that damage or theft does unfortunately occur, our specialist claims team will always be on hand to help. We will always do our best for you, from salvaging to finding the correct specialist parts.

*policy benefits will be dependant on the Insurer and scheme quoted.