Driving Conviction Codes

Drivers can be charged for a wide range of driving convictions. Each conviction has its own code that will remain of your driving licence for some time. How long it remains on your licence for depends on several factors.

The impact of getting a conviction can differ, with some making it difficult to find cover. Here at Peart Performance Marque, we will work closely with you to help you find cover after a driving conviction.

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What are the UK Driving Conviction Codes?

Officially known as endorsement codes, these can stay on your licence for a minimum of four years up to 11 years. This is usually in the case of serious offences, such as death by dangerous driving.

Drivers with convictions on their licences can face a number of difficulties, including insurance. Peart Performance Marque specialises in Convicted Driver Insurance and can help you find a policy depending on your circumstances.

Below are some of the official driving conviction codes we specialise in.

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