DD40 Car Insurance

DD40 Car Insurance

If you have received a DD40 conviction for dangerous driving, you will find it a challenge to obtain affordable insurance.

At Peart Performance Marque, we specialise in providing DD40 car insurance for those with a conviction. With access to a large panel of specialist insurers, we can find you the best possible price.

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What is a DD40 Conviction?

A DD40 conviction is the penalty for dangerous driving. It is one of the most common reckless driving offences. An individual is to be regarded as driving dangerously if:

The way they drives falls below the expected of a competent and careful driver.

If it would be obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving the vehicle in its current state would be dangerous.

‘Dangerous’ would refer to either danger of injury to any person, or serious damage to property.

If you are convicted of dangerous driving, your DD40 endorsement will remain on your license for 4 years from the date. Furthermore, you may receive 3-11 points, depending on the severity of the offence.

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How Can We Help?

With a dangerous driving endorsement on your license, you will struggle to get suitable and affordable car insurance. Even if you do get a quote from an insurer, you will be classed as a serious risk due to your previous history and increase your premium.

When searching for suitable car insurance, you must disclose any convictions. Failure to do so is against the law and it will invalidate your insurance. Furthermore, if you are stopped by the police, you will receive a complete driving ban. This will make it extremely difficult to find cover in the future.

At Peart Performance Marque, we aim to provide a policy tailored to your situation. We never hold judgement and offer a range of quotes that will suit you perfectly.

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