BA60 Car Insurance

BA60 Car Insurance

If you are convicted of driving while disqualified, you will receive a BA60 endorsement. Once this comes to an end, you may find it difficult to obtain cheap car insurance, or even a reasonable price.

At Peart Performance Marque, we specialise in the provision on BA60 car insurance. With access to a wide panel of insurers, we can help find you an affordable quote.

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What is a BA60 Conviction?

A BA60 endorsement is issued when someone has caused serious injury from driving while disqualified. Having received a BA60 endorsement from the courts, insurers will not look favourable upon you. Therefore, it will be difficult to obtain insurance at a reasonable price.

When you are disqualified from driving with a BA60 conviction, you may receive anywhere between 3 and 11 points on your license. Furthermore, driving while disqualified is a very serious offence and you may face up to 6 months in prison alongside further disqualification. Once your disqualification is over, you will need specialist insurance.

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How Can We Help?

Due to the severity of the conviction, BA60 car insurance will need to come from specialist brokers. This is because insurance companies will see you as an increased risk. As a result, your premium quotes will rise significantly.

At Peart Performance Marque, we can provide specialist convicted car insurance. We have access to a wide panel of insurers who can find you a quote tailored to your individual situation. This means we can help keep your premiums as low as possible.

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